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The Green Net 2023 Biodiversity Calendar

Count down the days – The Green Net 2023 Biodiversity Calendar is on it’s way!

The Green Net 2023 Biodiversity Calendar:

Count down the days – The Green Net 2023 Biodiversity Calendar is on its way!
It is no wonder that many consider KwaZulu-Natal to be the most beautiful holiday destination in South Africa. Blooming with colour all year round, with the wonderful warm Indian Ocean on its shores and wildlife inhabitating the coastal scarp forests, it makes sense that eco-tourism thrives in this province.

KZN is built up of 9 different biomes and is home to many varieties of flora. While it boasts indigenous trees that are hundreds of years old, it is unfortunately also home to alien invasive species that are detrimental to the well-being of our biodiversity. And so the importance of attaining enviromental awareness and sustainability is becoming greater as the days pass.

The Green Net has created a biodiversity calendar as an initiative to raise awareness of these species – both indigenous and alien. The calender features indigenous gems of KZN for the month they are in bloom and information containing the benefits of each plant. It also features two alien invasive species for each month that must be removed. There will also be other useful information such as the holidays throughout the year, and the moon phases for 2023.

One of the many enviromental challenges being faced in KZN is the eccessive growth of alien invasive plants (AIPs). These plant species are not endemic to our country and cause damage to the natural enviroment. It is up to us, as citizens and communities of our blessed province, to ensure the natural enviroment is protected and conservation is prioritized!

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