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Driving Force for Change Youth Challenge 2021

Driving Force for Change Youth Challenge

Driving Force for Change Youth Challenge 2021

The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment and the PAGE Programme (Partnership for Action on Green Economy) , in collaboration with a number of partners, has launched the 2021 Driving Force for Change Youth Challenge II call for proposals. This creates an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and green innovators to further develop their early-stage entrepreneurship skills and competencies. Winners will be provided access to high-quality technical assistance and business management operations training.

In 2020, The Minister for the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Ms Barbara Creecy, launched the 2020 DRIVING FORCE FOR CHANGE (DFC) CHALLANGE. This was as a means of addressing the youth unemployment and to provide support to any and all Green entrepreneurs.

About the Challenge:

“The 2021 Driving Force for Change II Youth Challenge creates an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and green innovators to further develop their early-stage entrepreneurship skills and competencies so that South Africa can further develop its green economy and create decent jobs for youth.”


  • Green entrepreneurs between 18 and 34 years
  • Company registered and operational between 1 and 42 months.
  • South African citizen or residing in SA with a permanent residence permit.
  • Successful participants from the 2020 DFC pilot initiative and other public-sector coordinated initiatives in the past 3 years who were awarded prizes and/or technical support are not eligible.
  • Applications from women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs living with disabilities are strongly encouraged


15 September 2021

For More information on this initiative , go to the : Driving Force for Change II Page

The Green Net is a proud promoter of this initiative and encourages all Green Entrepreneurs, Great or Small to participate to make their ultimate future Vision come true!

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A Journey across the South African coastline

Damien Honneysett and Damien Laird walking the South African coastline

Creating Awareness through Walking the South African coastline

Walking the South African coastline : The Green Net welcomed with very warm hearts two inspiring individuals as they visited our South Coast area on Wednesday 18 August.

Damian Honneysett and Damien Laird embarked on an epic journey walking the South African coastline. Covering approximately 3200km with the set intention of promoting, encouraging, and creating an awareness of the Environmental interconnectedness of ‘us’ and our spaces. They are showing just how much we are influencing and impacting conservation along our shores via all media platforms.

Walking to make a difference, sharing smiles, positivity and happiness to Reignite Hope in our wonderful country and with all who follow them on their journey, these two profound gentleman have dedicated themselves to serving their purpose in making a difference in this world.

Educating society on the importance of taking care of our Mother Earth and all the magnificence and abundance which surrounds us, has become extremely vital, and the opportunities that are present for each and everyone to make a real sustainable difference right now; from picking up a piece of litter, to sharing seeds of plants and joy in any way that you can, is going to promote the true prosperity of our wonderful nation and Her people.

We are so honoured to have had the opportunity of catching up with these young men and hearing the stories of their travels thus far, and Applaud them for their commitment and dedication.

The Green Net, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of our Environment and Heritage, including the History and Lifestyle found in the lower south coast of KwaZulu-Natal, a true Paradise and best kept secret!
Based in Port Shepstone, the Green Net focuses on community driven projects and upliftment of the local communities and teaches environmentally sustainable practices that include waste management, food propagation and much more, to ensure that sustainability can be achieved by all who live here.

To support the Green Net’s local gardening projects, see the link below to our ‘Back-a-buddy fundraising campaign that was started in honour of Mandela Day, 2021. The Green Net has been gifted the use of gardens at the local Catholic church – Our Lady Fatima.

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