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Introduction to The Green Net

The Green Net came into being in May 2019, when a group of interested South Coast residents participated in AfrikaVuka. This is an Africa-wide campaign to support sustainable energy production.  Three of these individuals now form the organisation’s core team. We call on other members known as Friends of The Green Net for specialised input as required for projects.  Our projects – thus far undertaken by members on a volunteer basis and at their own expense – have enjoyed good community involvement and local media coverage.

We hold a Vision of a world in complete balance and harmony, in which humanity nurtures and enhances our natural environment, treating all life with respect.

To this end, we have the following Mission:

  • To grow awareness of current environmental problems; grow networks between participants and projects across the region; and catalyse the creation of practical, environmentally- and economically sustainable materials and systems for the future;
  • To support and promote individuals and communities across the Ugu region who contribute to the healing and flourishing of life on Earth, regardless of age, religion, economic status, gender, race, political affiliation or any other social category; and
  • As far as possible, to teach and demonstrate the power of interconnection, integrity, cooperation and constructive action.

Networking is central to our goal of raising people’s awareness and understanding of environmental issues across the region. Our projects and teaching materials are designed to be replicable to encourage knowledge and skills transfer through an “each one teach one” approach.  We continually strive to increase our own learning and opportunities for constructive collaboration. We engage with local community members, conservancies, social and environmental organisations/groups, tourism establishments and businesses.

In light of global and domestic realities, we believe our region is eminently placed to take the lead in creating genuinely sustainable ways of living. New technologies, materials and marketing methods will be required in the not-too-distant future, and now is the time to draw in and nurture our resources: bright minds, big hearts and the climate, landscape, animals and plants that bring us personal well-being as well as a tourism industry.