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Welcome to The Green!

Thank you for stopping by! This bright green online superstore is under construction and will soon be ready for your green support.

Here you will be able to buy vetted green products. And with each purchase, you support The Green Net with our activities to facilitate practical local solutions to environmental problems, that enhance the lives of our beneficiaries, the broader community and the natural environment.

  • Awareness-raising (through public meetings, school projects, workshops and media)
  • Networking (between stakeholders across the Ugu region) in order to grow projects and secure solid markets for services and products generated by our beneficiaries
  • Recycling and plastic waste management (through beach clean-ups, beach bins, school programmes and community recycling/ repurposing/ upcycling initiatives)
  • Organic food gardening (at schools, in rural communities and in town)
  • Reforestation and removal of Alien Invasive Plants, to restore biodiversity and clean the soil and water 
  • Sustainable materials development eg. hempcrete, sustainable energy systems, water collection systems and composting toilets
  • Ocean health (encouraging marine protection and opposing offshore oil drilling and other threats to ocean health)

If you have Green Products that you would like us to help market – Let us know!

Fill out this form and we will get right back to you with the action plan!

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