Welcome to The Green Net

Where Networking for the Greater Good is Easy as Pie

The Green Net is a group of South Coast residents who promote and teach environmentally sustainable practices. We hold a Vision of a world in complete balance and harmony, in which humanity nurtures and enhances our natural environment, treating all life with respect.

Our aim for this platform is to share simple practices and information that become a habit in all households, to truly build an exciting eco friendly South Coast. A place that boasts a beautiful, clean and well kept environment ranging from our oceans to mountains and gorges.

We urge you as our neighbours, friends and colleagues to get involved in this venture and help us grow our network. We have many exciting opportunities and always need a hand, literally; in the form of Sharing our stories; or getting donations.

We believe that together can we build a brighter more sustainable future .


In honour of our core value – education – we hold Workshops in our region at schools, with groups and in the rural communities, explaining the benefits of sustainable farming. It is crucial to educate our younger generations now in order to secure sustainability.


Preventing damage to our beautiful beaches and oceans is one of our main objectives. The Green Net has held Beach Clean-up events, petitioned against off shore drilling and encourages sustainable fishing.


We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our cause. Our region hosts a wealth of highly skilled and experienced environmentalists, and we’d like to work on projects and technologies in our area together!

Are you as enthusiastic about our amazing district and preserving it for the future? If you are interested in joining our team and participating in our projects, creating and sharing TGN initiatives, we are looking for you!

Please submit your details below and we will contact you.